Session 1 - Scratch


Always save Scratch projects regularly.

1. Flying Bats

  1. Import the 2 bat costumes and delete the cat costumes.

  2. Create a script so bat flies backwards and forwards.

  3. Change rotation style.

  4. Make bat smaller and add a back drop.

  5. Challenge

    Create 6 bat costumes so bat flies smoother.

2. Polygons

  1. Replace cat with pencil, resize it and set center at tip.
  2. Draw a Square.

  3. Modify and use a to draw a hexagon.

  4. Draw a Rosette.

  5. Challenge

    Change colours and polygon shape to draw colourful Rosette.

3. Crab

  1. Import the 2 crab costumes and delete the cat costumes.
    Rotate costumes 90o to the right.

  2. Use arrow keys to move crab.

  3. Stop crab from moving off the stage.
    Modify other arrow keys.

  4. Add the underwater background, duplicate and modify bubbles.
    Write script to animate bubbles.

  5. Create More Block.

  6. Modify scripts.

4. Dot Paintings

  1. Create 3 dot costumes and two variables.

  2. Create this pattern.

  3. Create this pattern.

  4. Create this pattern.

  5. Create this pattern.


Continue pattern to the center.

5. Twinkle Twinkle

  1. Use the stars background and create separate yellow vector text costumes for each line.

  2. Create music for first two lines.

  3. Call each line from the background.

  4. Complete the scripts for the other lines.
  5. Record the words.
  6. Modify scripts.

6. Clock

  1. Upload a clockface from internet images as background.
    Width=480, Height=360

  2. Replace cats with second hand.

  3. Create second hand script.

  4. Duplicate second sprite twice to make minute and hour hands.

  5. Modify hour hand to make it move smoothly.

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