Session 2 - Scratch Extension Activities


Always save Scratch projects regularly.

1. Flying Bats

  1. Delete bats 5 and 6 and make a variable for this sprite only.
    Create this script.

  2. Duplicate bat sprite and modify second bat script.

  3. Make smaller bat fly behind front buildings.
    Create a new sprite from section of background.

  4. Position new sprite to match background and add layer blocks to bats.

2. Polygons

  1. Create variable and change it to slider with min 3 and max 6.

  2. Create this script.
    Pencil has been changed to single black pixel.

  3. Change max to 10 and modify script.

  4. Make a list called to fill with names of polygons.

  5. Create variable as large readout and modify script.


Create and untick and as a readout variable and display using operators and variables.

3. Crab

  1. Start new project but keep background.
    Move using mouse.

  2. Add new starfish sprite with this script.

  3. Change crab script.

4. Dot Paintings

  1. Change dots to wombat feet.

  2. Create this pattern.

  3. Add more wombat blocks to continue the pattern.

    Animate the pattern.


Create this pattern and animate it.
Make three variables.

5. Twinkle Twinkle

  1. Divide each line into syllables.

  2. Create more blocks for each line.

  3. Modify scripts for each line.

6. Clock

  1. Make four variables and display as large readouts.

  2. Modify second display to show leading zeros.

  3. Modify minute display to show leading zeros.

  4. Modify hour display to show leading zeros and AM / PM.


Display digital time as a string using operators.

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